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Banana Cave Pet Bed

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The Perfect Gift!

This soft, warm Banana Cave Pet Bed is the perfect place for your pet to curl up in when they want to feel cozy and secure.

Your pet will LOVE how this bed makes them feel comfy, safe, and relaxed. It's the ideal retreat for any pet.


  • S: 40*15*10cm / 15.5*6*4in (Fit for under 3 lbs)
  • M: 55*20*15cm / 21.5*7.9*6in (Fit for 3-5.5 lbs)
  • L: 65*25*18cm / 25.5*9.8*7in (Fit for 5.5-11 lbs)
  • XL: 90*30*20cm / 35.5*11.8*7.9in (Fit for 11-44 lbs)

Cool, Cute, and Fun!   

The Banana Cave Pet Bed features a peelable banana peel that allows your cat to sneak in and out while still having the privacy they require.
Just peel open the top layer of the peel to sneak a peek at your kitty snoozing inside.

Made with soft, breathable plush materials, your Banana Cave Pet Bed will be your kitty's favorite spot.
The Banana Cave Pet Bed is also great for taking the perfect photos!

Every cat requires a spot to sleep that's not actually their designated bed, such as a shoebox, a large vase, or a cupboard.

Though chances are, if you buy your cat a bed that's weird enough, they might actually sleep in it! This is hopefully what this banana cat bed will achieve!       


It's GREAT for cats because of their fondness for small, dark, cat-like spaces! Dogs and puppies love them too.
Package Included:
1 x Banana Cave Pet Bed (Does not contain decorations)


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