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ONLY $10.99 For 4 PCS!! Finger Ring Mobile Phone Mount

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I can’t hold my phone? Sore fingers when playing with mobile phones for a long time? 

Having this ring phone holder will free up your hands and help prevent fatigue, hand cramps, little finger deformation, and falls. 

Allows no-grip use, is extremely comfortable, and fits your fingers.

Help keep your hands still when taking selfies and videos. 

Put the phone handle on the back of your hand like a ring,
and suddenly you will be free to get a drink. Use multiple together for better results!

Main Features

  • Ergonomic Design
    Replaces the thumb with a stent to relieve finger pressure and prevent finger pain from being pressed out of grooves or cocoons, preventing joint deformation and making them stress-free.
  • Lightweight And Compact
    It is compact, does not occupy space, and is convenient to carry.
  • Don't Block The Screen
    Just fit the frame, watch the video without obstructing the screen, and catch up comfortably. It is easy to place horizontally or vertically and is stable and non-slip.
  • Broad Compatibility
    This versatile and sturdy ring phone holder is suitable for most smartphones and tablets on the market.
  • Multi-scene Application
    You can use this holder during online meetings, online courses or video calls/conferences, or even playing games to free up your fingers and relieve fingers soreness.


    Product Weight
    • 3G
    Product Size
    (L x W x H)
    • 7 × 5 × 1cm / 2.8 × 2 × 0.4inches
    Package Contents
    • Finger Ring Mobile Phone Mount × 3
    Material PP
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