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Bring your perfume or cologne anywhere with you with this new syphoning travel bottle! It grabs some of your fragrance and stores it in a nifty 5ml bottle making it's hassle free at airport security.

Take off the atomizer on your existing cologne or perfume bottle and then hook the pump into the bottom of this mini travel perfume and begin pumping.  You'll see the fragrance slowly travel upward to your travel bottle.

  • Reduce travel bulk
  • Smell good no matter where you travel
  • Attaches to practically every fragrance bottle
  • Hassle free airport security
  • 5ml bottles are considered ok for carry-on bagage


It's simple.  All you have to do is remove the cap on your desired fragrance bottle.  You can do this by pulling it off:

Grab your new Easy Atomizer and look for the nozzle hole at the bottom.  This hole only allows liquid in but not out, so you're atomizer won't leak.

After that, you can insert the tip into the bottom of your Easy Atomizer and begin pushing it down.  The nozzle should fit straight into the bottom without much effort.

The idea is to pump the easy atomizer up and down so that the liquid will transfer.  You can see how much liquid has transferred by looking at the transparent section of the atomizer.

Once you filled the Easy Atomizer up to your desired amount.  You are now ready for use!  The spray on this thing is amazing and it really spreads your fragrance.  It sprays as good as any bottle.

UPDATE: Due to a large increase in traffic, we're currently running low on this product, so please hurry and place your order.



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