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The Cat's Corner Massage Brush

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Does your cat too want to be petted whenever you don't have time?

Cats love back scratches and need a lot of love, which we can't always give them. But especially for these cases, we have designed the Cat Massage Brush! It lets your cat scratch and pet itself so that you can go ahead and deal with your own matters!

They Love it So Much!

This Wall Brush make your Pet Cat Comfortable and Enjoyable


    • Massage and Comb their Hair by Themselves:  This self-groomer brush provides your cat with a gentle, self-massage, every time he/she rubs up against it! This brush is sure to be your cat's favorite new grooming tool. Let your fur baby shine from the inside out.

    • The Cat Self Groomer Brush collects loose hair, so you won't be annoyed to clean the shedding hair anymore. Eliminate tangle, knots, dander, and trapped dirt themselves.

    • Best for Your Cat: This groomer will attract the cats’ attention, induce them to massage and comb their hair by themselves. Gently comb the hair will allow the cat to feel relaxed, defecate unobstructed, and also remove and collect loose hair

    • High Quality: Made of high-quality material. Cats can enjoy the pleasure of massage without worrying about being scratched, even for cats who like chewing, it's also safe.
    • Installation: This cat self groomer needs to install on the corner or wall, at a level that's comfortable for your cat to reach. Place it according to your cat's height, for easy access. This makes it ideal for your cat to rub.
    • Easy to Remove: You can take off the massage brush from the hanger to remove and collect the loose hair so that your house stays furball-free!

    Installation Method: Install the product in the corner of the wall or the corner of the furniture that the cat can reach the height.


    Material: Plastic
    Color: Blue, Grey, Green
    Size: About 12.5 x 8.5cm
    Installation Way: Flat or Right Angle

    Package includes:

    1X Cat Self Message Brush Comb


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