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Trellis Net--Environmentally Friendly & Degradable

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🍅Benefits of using trellis netting🥒

  • Allows plants to thrive.
  • Frees up space in square foot or raised bed gardens.
  • Trains plants to grow vertically, rather than compete for ground space.
  • Support plants without fear of strong winds
  • No harm to wild animals.

🥒It is no longer necessary to build a lot of scaffolding for those vine vegetables or fruits, this Trellis Net easily solves the problem of plant climbing.

(Good for plant growth and make your vegetable garden more refined)


High-quality Material:This product is made of high-quality polyester material, which is environmentally friendly(Degradable) and durable. It will last a couple of years.

(Sharing from customers)

Good Stretch:This net is woven by multiple threads, which has high elasticity, good stretching force, and strong bearing capacity. Can bear the weight of large vegetables such as pumpkins.

Supporting Effect:This plant climbing net allows plants to attach to the net to grow and play a supporting role, making it easier to care for plants.

Easy To Install:No installation tools are required, you just need to gently disassemble the climbing net, find a fulcrum and hang the net, which is fast and convenient. You can also tailor it freely according to your needs. No venue restrictions.

Wide Applicability:This product is suitable for all kinds of climbing plants, such as tomatoes, grapes, morning glory, beans, melons, etc., helping plants grow. You can also hang it on trees, gardens, or even walls suitable for vertical and horizontal garden applications.

🌿New Arrival-Plant Rattan Clip🌿

Easy to fix tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, and other wine-making plants on Trellis Net. Easy to fix and remove. Reduce the stress on the vines and better play the role of Trellis Net.

Customer Reviews:

Pictures are from customer feedback)

Question & Answer:

📣Q-How many years have you been able to use the network? Is it durable or only used for a few seasons?

A-I have used it for 2 years, if you use it carefully, it will last longer.
By Frances A. Ellis on January 26, 2020

📣Q-Is this strong enough to hold cucumber?

A-Yes, it held small squash. Also, it holds up to sunlight. I have had it for several years and is in perfect condition
By Ardelle... on January 17, 2021

📣Q-Is this netting useful if it has ripped in a couple of spots?

A-Hello! I love this net because I can cut it to diffident sizes based on user needs. If it's ripped, just tie it together and continue using it, it works!! Thanks so much!
On February 25, 2021, Manya C


Type: Plant climbing net
Material: Polyester
Quantity: 1 pc
Color: White
Size: 4*8FT/5*15FT/5*30FT/5*60FT/10*30FT
Hole size: 5.9"X 5.9”


1*plant Climbing Net

We will donate 10% of the profit to Save the Children in your name for every order.
Since 1932, Save the Children has been on the ground providing support to the most isolated and underserved children in rural America. 

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